Thursday, March 12, 2009

“Young Rotarians” Video

Many RRIMCs at the recent training seminar in Chicago were impressed by the video “Young Rotarians”, which was shown during the Identifying Prospective Members discussion group. (The district that produced the video has recently changed the name of the video to “Rotary Now”.)

While each region may have its own set of challenges to recruitment and this video would not be effective in all districts, similar videos could be used to address the unique issues affecting membership in your districts. Storytelling is a powerful tool and each district, club, and member has a story to tell.

RRIMCs can work to develop a prospective member information program at the district level that serves to educate prospective members about Rotary and dispel notions about Rotary that are just not true. “Rotary Now” or a video like it could be featured at prospective member information sessions. Showing this video to clubs may also spark ideas for clubs or districts to produce their own videos. A production of this type would make good use of district or PR grant funds, or even RRIMC allocation funds -- perhaps sharing costs between interested parties.

RI does not have rights to the content of this video, and we cannot pass it along electronically, but if you are interested in purchasing copies from the district, you may order them here.

“Rotary Now” was produced by Rotary district 7090 in New York State, USA. The District Governor is Pravin Suchak,

Check out the Rotary You Tube site for other existing videos that might be used to promote membership.


Bevin Wall said...

The video is as energizing to club level Rotarians as it was to us RRIMCs in Chicago. I screened it to the West Virginia USA PETS last weekend and have had several requests for the order information. It really is a "must-have" for clubs and districts.

We posted an article and link on our Zone Membership Blog last week. See

Judi said...

Thanks, Carrie. A great reminder of an important membership tool.

Mark Kriebel said...

When I first saw this at the RRIMC Training, I called a friend in District 7090 (while I was still in Chicago)to secure a copy. This is one of the best tools I've seen for recruiting younger members.