Friday, July 17, 2009

RI President John Kenny’s 2009-10 Membership Goals & Recognition

RI President John Kenny has established the following membership goals for 2009-10:

Club recognition requirements:
• A minimum of one net member increase
• A minimum of 80% retention rate rate
and certification by the district governor of two of the following achievements:
• Increased percentage of qualified women
• Increased percentage of qualified younger professionals (under age 50)
• Induction of at least one alumna or alumnus of RI or the Rotary Foundation
• Increased diversity of membership (e.g., classification, gender, age, ethnicity)
Achievement of club goals will be certified by the district governor.

District recognition requirements:
• A minimum of one net member increase in each existing club
• A minimum of 80% retention rate
• A minimum of one or two new clubs organized
Achievement of district goals will be based on clubs certified by the district governor.

Clubs should submit their goal results to their district governor between 15 May and 21 May 2010. To determine goal achievements, governors should enter the Member Access section of to draw up their club reports on 15 May 2010 and compare those reports against the 1 July start figures they will receive in October 2009.

Districts should certify the results and submit them to RI, along with their district results, by 22 May 2010. Certification forms will be available on

All clubs and districts who reach these membership goals will receive a certificate signed by RI President Kenny. From this pool, RI will determine the top ten clubs and top ten districts (not more than one club or one district per zone) showing the highest percentage net increase in membership. Achievement will be calculated using RI membership database numbers as of 15 May 2010 and compared against 1 July start figures.

These 10 clubs and districts will be acknowledged on stage at the 2009-10 convention in Montreal. (Attendance at convention for membership recognition is ‘at no cost to Rotary International’.)

RRIMCs are responsible for promoting President Kenny’s goals and recognition program to districts and clubs in your region. We encourage you to make the goals part of your overall 2009-10 membership development strategy.