Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guidelines for use of RRIMC Allocation

As you are aware, RI provides allocation budgets for the RRIMC program and as each of you proceed to utilize these monies throughout the year, we will provide allocation balances via email each quarter.

Please remember to evaluate your use of allocation carefully and when in doubt (RITS, travel requests, proper documentation, use of funds, etc.) please email questions to the rrimc@rotary.org email box – Amanda Runge will be happy to assist you. While it is important to communicate with your fellow RRIMCs throughout the year please note that duplicating efforts when attending membership related conferences, training seminars or meetings can deplete resources quickly. Please consider all options when invited to attend an event along with other coordinators – working together may not always require multiple RRIMCs in attendance at the same function.

Expense reports should be filed with RI on a monthly basis when possible; for best results please use the rrimc@rotary.org email box. It is not advisable to hold on to expense reports and statements more than 90 days as this may delay payment(s) from RI.

We look forward to working with you throughout this year.

by Jill Pohren 8/25/09