Thursday, April 30, 2009

Membership Coordinator Forum (secure site) Changes

As announced at the RRIMC Training Seminar in Chicago, changes have recently taken place on the Membership Coordinator Forum secure site.

Many membership reports residing on the Membership Coordinator Forum secure site are now available on the Rotary Web site. To eliminate duplicate posting, we have removed these reports from the secure site. In addition to finding them at, you will also be able to access them through this blog. If you look on the left banner, you will see a list of RRIMC Resources. Underneath are links to documents previously found on the secure site. Since they link directly to the RI Web site, they will always be the most current reports available. (Remember to refresh your screen when you load any linked report to ensure that you are looking at the most current version.)

Following are documents that will remain on the secure site:

RI Start Figures
2009 RRIMC Training Seminar Power Point presentations
RRIMC Manual
GETS Documents – (available in July)
Contact Lists

In addition to remaining on the secure site, these documents will also be available through the blog. (When you link to a secure site document though the blog, you will be asked to type in your secure site username and password.)

Be sure to let me know if you have suggestions for any other documents you would like to have linked through the blog.

**OTHER NEWS: RRIMCs now have access to their 2009-10 district information in Member Access.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Expense Reporting

RRIMCs are reminded to submit timely expense reports. Ideally, expense reports should be submitted within 30 days of travel or expenditure. The expense report form can be found on the RI Web site and is also available to download on the left side of this blog under “Travel and Expenses”.

Please complete the form electronically when possible rather than scanning in hand written reports, as those can be difficult to read.

Submit your expense reports via email at, via fax (847.866.9446) or by mail:

Rotary International World Headquarters
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Attention: MD 100, Membership Development Division
All air, train or ferry travel must be approved by RITS before time of travel – regardless of the cost of ticket. (Auto mileage must be approved by RITS if you anticipate that the total roundtrip amount will exceed US$249.99.) Travelers must submit an official RITS travel request form, available on the RI Web site, and also available to download on the left hand side of this blog. Please allow at least 48 hours for approval from RITS.

Documentation showing RITS approval (email or letter) for travel must accompany your expense report. Travel that is not pre-approved by RITS will not be reimbursed. Guidelines for RITS approval are included in the RRIMC manual that you received at the training seminar. Following the guidelines will ensure that your travel expense statement is handled quickly and reimbursement will proceed unimpeded.

Any questions regarding expense reports should be directed to

RITS page on Rotary Web site