Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preparing for GETS

In preparation for the 2009 Governors-elect Training Seminars, RI’s Leadership, Education and Training (LET) department will be sending out materials to RRIMC presenters at the beginning of July.

RRIMCs who are presenting will be working closely with the GETS team leader and any other RRIMCs assigned to the team to conduct the 90-minute Membership Development session.

We encourage RRIMCs on each GETS team to establish contact with each other and begin collaborating on your presentation well before GETS takes place to ensure that your session is well-coordinated. LET will be providing slides that require you to insert regional contact information – be sure to review these slides and insert the appropriate information. Several case studies will be included in the session. Case studies should be reviewed beforehand and you should familiarize yourself with the membership resources recommended to address the issues presented in the studies. Consider having copies of these resources available for reference during the session.

Start thinking now about ways you can make this year’s Membership Development session relevant for your region. The current economic climate brings many challenges; what tools and strategies have you developed to address these concerns that you might share with the governors-elect in your region?

Feel free to post any ideas you have for this year’s GETS under the blog’s comments section so that your fellow RRIMCs can benefit from your experience.

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